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Future Agenda is a not-for-profit programme that was first run in 2010 and repeated in 2015 to bring together views on the future decade from many leading individuals and organisations.

Building on expert perspectives on 22 different subjects, addressing everything from the future of health to the future of money, the big issues and emerging challenges for the next decade are debated and, through the use of workshops and associated events, CEOs and mayors connect with academics and students.

This website describes the insights and supporting materials gained from 2015 discussions and built on the success of the 2010 publication, updating some points of view and adding new subjects now explored in greater depth.

  • 50 HOSTS
  • 25 TOPICS

As the Future Agenda workshops took place, it became clear that as well as the vertical conversations within each topic, there were a host of issues bubbling to the surface, cutting across several areas. Some of these are critical drivers of the future; some are issues that will moderate how the future unfolds. In the synthesis of the insights from the programme, we have sought to highlight these issues and group them accordingly so that you, the reader, can see how they interrelate, and can therefore also choose which areas you will find most interesting. We have also created “My Future Agenda” which will allow you to organise, save and print the content that you find most useful.

Published under Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-Alike, the final insights are being used and debated by individuals and organizations around the world as people explore the potential implications and opportunities in their sector or market.

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