Workshop #100 – Future of Health in Bangalore is done and dusted with great extra insights in the mix from experts hosted by Ashoka. Our thanks go to all who have supported this project since the first event on Feb 10th in London. Approximately 4000 workshop / event participants have collectively given around 10 years of their time to sharing their thoughts with over 25 Future Agenda team members around the world. To date, we have visited 34 cities in 23 countries and discussed the future of 25 different topics with a host of informed people to who we are hugely grateful.

What’s next? Over the next couple of weeks the Future Agenda team will work on the core synthesis of nearly 700 insights to identify the major issues for the next decade that we will share via in print, on our website and via an app. Then a few MORE events: Creeping into September and October we will hold some additional events in Cape Town, Nairobi, Dubai, Mumbai, Beirut and San Francisco and potentially one more in November in Singapore. If you are in any of those locations let us know and would like to join us in a workshop or would simply like to meet up please let us know.

In mid-August we will send out a mail to all participants that will provide an update on where you can access a complete set of the insights we have uncovered. It will also provide an update on the progress of the overall synthesis.

In the meantime, we would like to thank you all again. Your support has provided us with a wealth of information and given us a wonderful, global, insightful shared experience. Thank you for putting your trust in us. We will do our best to make sense of everything we have heard and curate it successfully so it can all be put to good use!