We need to create an international task force that tackles the issues of wealth creation and wealth distribution under different approaches, embracing new and old paradigms to find the best global solutions for the problems that have become evident in recent years. This task force will be financed over a minimum time of 5 years by governments or multilateral institutions and will produce academic reports on the most pressing issues of global wealth. It will not be dominated by mainstream economists, nor by economists from OECD countries. It is important to incorporate the views from researchers from other parts of the world. It is also important to focus the research of this task force in pragmatic solutions and not only on theoretical ones. The diversity of the team will be also important; economists should not dominate it, since a true holistic approach to wealth needs to be interdisciplinary.

Finally, the debate over the future of wealth in the world would not be complete without taking into account the effects of the two biggest global crises on wealth creation and distribution. The causes and the effects of the Great Depression and the Great Recession need to be reassessed in the light of their effect on wealth. It will be especially important to analyse how different policy responses to those crises, also affected wealth creation and distribution.