Sara Moulton of the Human Capital Leadership Institute in Singapore has just authored a good article in HQ Asia. Looking at some of the issues driving change in and around work over the next decade or so, it highlights some examples raised in a Future Agenda event in Singapore in November. Many thanks to Sara for sharing the piece.

In two weeks time we will be running another workshop at Singapore Management University. Following the success of a similar event in November, we are repeating the format but with some additional fresh insights from the new Future Agenda website. Hosted by the SMU Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, this event promises to again attract a superb mix of talent who together will identify a number of emerging global innovation opportunities and then build potential new business concepts around them. Adopting an accelerated innovation lab approach used with other leading organisations, it will be an immersive, fast paced experience where we cover several weeks of usual activity in less than 48 hours. As well as SMU faculty and alumni, this workshop is also open to the public via the website.

The Good Lab is a hub for people and organizations with new methods and mindsets to solve problems and foster tri-sector collaborations and social change and is focused on facilitating cross sector collaborations and setting up of entrepreneurial ventures and projects that bring new solutions to social problems. It was founded by five social innovation platforms: Dialogue in the Dark (HK), Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum, Make A Difference, Social Enterprise Summit and Social Ventures Hong Kong. Subsequently Education for Good (EFG) and Solutions on Wheels (SOW) also became founding organizations of the Good Lab ecosystem.

The Good Lab is a partner for events in Hong Kong

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The Centre for Strategic Futures was established in early 2009, as part of the Strategic Policy Office in the Public Service Division of the Prime Minister’s Office of The Government of Singapore. This situates it at the heart of government, with the ability to reach across agency stovepipes, and draw upon the existing networks and analysis in SPO. At the same time, the Centre operates very much like a think tank within government, with the freedom to act on issues of strategic importance even if they are not perceived to be immediately urgent.

Several events are taking place in Singapore in partnership with the CSF. 

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