As we reach the half-way mark of global workshops, we have started to share some of the emerging insights from the future agenda programme via different formats including speeches, interviews and other events. During the past couple of weeks some of these have gained coverage on TV and online. Here are three:

  • Astro Awani – Kuala Lumpur: TV interview with Patrick Harris and Suraya Sulaiman following the Future of Company event on May 14
  • Vodafone Turkey – Istanbul: Also on May 14, as part of the Vodafone Dijital Dönüşüm event, Tim Jones gave a speech on future data shifts and opportunities which was covered by several articles including this one.
  • Tata Consulting Services – Pune: Blog by Tim Jones on the future impact of digital ahead of an event in London on May 28 as part of the TCS Innovation Forum

As we move into the final two months of workshops, we will be sharing more emerging views ahead of the main synthesis in August. First of these will be on June 5 at the opening of the new Mumbai campus of the S P Jain School of Global Management followed on June by a talk at the European M2M Forum in Vienna. If you want easy access to all the insights to date, our flickr site is proving to be the most popular platform.