CEO, Six Capital

Lead expert on the Future of Currency.

Founder, Chief Dealer and CEO of Six Capital, a revolutionary fin-tech company, Patrick is a 30-year industry veteran with a track record in innovation.

While in his 20s, Patrick was VP and Chief Dealer of Chase Manhattan – making him one of Singapore’s youngest Chief Dealers. Subsequently, he was VP for Treasury for the Union Bank of Switzerland in Tokyo, actively trading in one of the world’s largest currency markets.

He has also served on part of the Singapore Foreign Exchange Committee, where he and his sub-committee were responsible for an ambitious aim: to grow Singapore’s treasury market and open lines of communication between market participants and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

In 2009, Patrick founded Six Capital with the aim of developing a pioneering fin-tech company focused on leveraging the potential of the currency markets. His vision is ‘to create the future of jobs’, producing lasting, positive impact on economies and society through Six Capital’s services and operations.