After 34 of the planned 100 Future Agenda events now completed, we have had many excellent discussions and a host of new views added into the mix. With workshops now underway on nearly all of our 20 topics we are building not only great richness around each, but also are adding in many insights that cut across several areas. While we are updating all of the pdfs on slideshare as we go, most people are finding that the flickr site is the easiest way to see everything in one place and also view insights by topic.

Some of the team are now in Singapore where we have 7 events taking place over the next week or so (while others are running workshops in London, Johannesburg, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Toronto) By the end of May we will have reached the half way mark and passed the number of events we ran in 2010. With Australia, India, Nigeria and more events in the US, Europe and South Africa all now confirmed, the wealth of different views we are gaining is terrific and all is looking good for a very rich synthesis over the summer.

Thanks to all who have been so generous with their time and insights to date: If you are interested in joining in with any of the remaining events, do get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate – the full list is on the main future agenda website and also on flickr in the locations album. Contact us either by email, on twitter @futureagenda or via Linked-In.