Your Views

What do you think? You can see what others are saying about the future across all these topics but we are most interested in sharing your perspectives. Either direct on this site, via twitter or via email, let us know how you see things changing and what will be some of the impacts and implications. We invite you to join in this discussion and contribute your view.
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Participating in Workshops

Would you like to come to an event? During 2015 we ran 120 workshops in 50 countries exploring 22 topics. These one day events brought together a rich mix of informed people from multiple organisations. Additional events are being planned for 2016 to register your interest in participating:

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Hosting Events

Although the main 2015 programme is complete, we are running a smaller number of additional events during 2016. If you would like to host an event, let us know what topics and locations are of interest.

The whole Future Agenda programme will be repeated in 2020 when we will aim to undertake 200 events in over 50 countries. Organisations are already expressing interest in being hosts for this and identifying key issues that will be relevant.

To discuss the future agenda programme and potential participation please contact:

Dr. Tim Jones
Programme Director
Future Agenda
84 Brook Street, London. W1K 5EH

+44 203 0088 141
+44 780 1755 054
twitter – @futureagenda