The Future Agenda project is very pleased to be partnering with the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) hold a series of workshops on the Future of Trade. We are adding trade in to the mix as our 21st topic for discussion around the world. The DMCC is the largest and fastest growing free-zone in the UAE and understanding what the future may hold is fundamental to their ongoing success. Trade is key to economic growth and as a result the value of international commerce has grown almost tenfold in the past 30 years. More people need and have access to more products so, to satisfy their demand, we are now transporting more raw materials around the world than we have ever done before.  In addition new trading patterns and markets are growing and increasingly  traders  are using technology to adapt to their requirements. Understanding the impact of these changes over next ten years will be crucial to us all. In order to establish a global picture 4 workshops will take place to disscuss this. The first of these is on June 16th in London with the next in Hong Kong on July 8th. Events in Mumbai and Dubai will then take place in August adding additional views so that we can share an informed global view on the shifts in the Future of Trade in September. The initial perspective and associated insights for building on will be added to our slideshare and flickr platforms over the next couple of days.