As we start to see common issues coming up in different discussions we are tagging these on both flickr and slideshare and collating some interim emerging views for wider sharing:

Where appropriate, on Flickr we are now putting common insights into two or more albums so that you can easily see related issues. So, for example, the Future of Data album now has 44 insights of which 12 have come from other discussions on the future of privacy, payments, loyalty and health. Going forward as we add more to the current 400 plus insights all will be tagged on multiple topics so that you can access as rich a view as possible during the next couple of months ahead of the major synthesis session in August.

On Slideshare, as well as updated views within topic areas which appear after each workshop, we have also started to pull together a number of cross-topic PDFs either for use in some forthcoming events or for sharing interim project headlines. Here are some examples:

Going forward we will continue to create more of these cross-topic views around both events we are speaking at and also common themes that we see as potentially interesting views. We hope you find these useful.