In an increasingly interconnected, complex and uncertain world, many organizations are looking for a better understanding of how the future may unfold. To do this successfully, many companies, institutions and governments are working to improve their use of strategic foresight in order to anticipate emerging issues and prepare for new opportunities.

Experience shows that change often occurs at the intersection of different disciplines, industries or challenges. This means that views of the future that focus on one sector alone have limited relevance in today’s world. In order to have real value, foresight needs to bring together multiple informed and credible views of emerging change to form a coherent picture of the world ahead. The Future Agenda programme aims to do this by providing a global platform for collective thought and innovation discussions.


As change accelerates in an increasingly connected world, more companies are looking further ahead to better understand emerging opportunities and challenges.


Organisations increasingly want to identify and understand both the anticipated and unexpected changes from outside their sector or regions so that they can be better prepared for the future.

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We are still able to include additional events in certain locations, hosted by other forward-thinking organisations. To discuss the future agenda programme and potential participation please contact:

Dr. Tim Jones
Programme Director
Future Agenda
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