The Future Agenda platform provides organisations with a means to share their and others’ views of the future, have these challenged by informed individuals around the world and also to learn more about how others see the key changes for the next ten years. It is a route for thought leadership, thought development and thought sharing.

All hosts have the opportunity to be at the fore in discussions, helping to bring together individuals and organisations around key topics and also be involved in many of the other global debates. They also gain early view of the key analysis and can be involved in the global launch and sharing of outputs.

Some hosts have taken a lead on specific perspectives regarding the implications for their sector, region or issue. For other topics, we have invited individuals to share their views on the future from a range of academic, government and other expert organistaions.


You are invited to become one of the organisations from different sectors who will support the Future Agenda 2.0 programme, co-host the events, engage with leading experts and share insights. To discuss how being a host can work for you, contact Dr. Tim Jones, Programme Director, on