Debate the major issues of the next decade with global leaders.


The success of the first Future Agenda Programme stimulated several organizations to ask that it should be repeated. Therefore this second programme ran throughout 2015 looking at key changes in the world by 2025. Following a similar approach to the first project, Future Agenda 2.0 built on the initial success and added extra features, such as providing more workshops in more countries to gain an even wider input and enable regional differences to be explored. There is also a specific focus on the next generation including collaborating with educational organizations to engage future leaders. There is a more refined use of social networks to share insights and earlier link-ups with global media organizations to ensure wider engagement on the pivotal topics. In addition, rather than having a single global sponsor, this time multiple hosts are owning specific topics wither globally or in their regions of interest. Run as a not for profit project with all the core team donating their time for free, Future Agenda 2.0 is a major collaboration involving many leading, forward-thinking organisations around the world.

The opinions expressed on this website are not ours, nor necessarily those of our hosts and partners. They are those of independent experts whose views we respect even if we don’t always agree with them. We thanks them for their wholehearted support. They have important things to say that should be of interest to anyone concerned with creating a sustainable future for us all.