The Future Agenda is the world’s largest open foresight initiative. It was created in 2009 to bring together views on the future from many leading organizations. Building on expert perspectives that addressed everything from the future of health to the future of money, over 1500 organizations debated the big issues and emerging challenges for the next decade. Sponsored globally by Vodafone Group, this groundbreaking programme looked out ten years to the world in 2020 and connected CEOs and mayors with academics and students across 25 countries. Additional online interaction connected over 50,000 people from more than 145 countries who added their views to the mix. All output from these discussions was shared via the website.

The first Future Agenda programme in 2010 provided a unique forum that brought together informed people worldwide. From the multiple discussions, a wealth of insights were gained and the fifty most significant were detailed in a book, website and accompanying material. Alongside a commentary on the key implications for the future, this was widely shared and has been used around the world by individuals and organizations looking to be more informed. TV programmes, talks, workshops and additional discussions have followed as people have explored the potential implications and opportunities in their sector or market.


The first programme enabled over 2500 experts to debate and share their views of the future.



Future Agenda 2010. Seen and shared by over 200,000 inspired people, in 150 countries, and still counting.

FOUR CERTAINTIES: Imbalanced Population Growth / Key Resource Constraints / Asian Wealth Shift / Universal Data Access FUTURE OF HEALTH: Automated People-Care / Clinical Enhancement / Diabesity / Global Pandemics / Halting Alzheimer’s / Mass Medical Tourism / Pharma Foods / Systemic Euthanasia FUTURE OF WEALTH: Differentiated Commoditised Knowledge / Dynamic Pricing / Lease Everything / Less Energy / Local Currency / Mobile Money / Richer Poorer / Third Global Currency FUTURE OF HAPPINESS: Active Elderly / Choosing God / Cocktail Identities / Enjoying the Ordinary / Less Variety / Live Experiences / Seamless Media Consumption / Switching Off FUTURE OF MOBILITY: Asian Aviation / Chinese Trains / Clean Shipping / Electric Mobility / Intelligent Highways / Muslim Europe / People Tracking / Urban (Im)Mobility FUTURE OF SECURITY: Alternative Proteins / Bio-Surveillance / Corporate LEGO / Credible Sources / Drone Wars / Solar Sunrise / Virtual Authenticity / Water Management FUTURE OF LOCALITY: Almost Zero Waste / Bridging The Last Mile / Community Living / Dense Cities / Intelligent Buildings / Local Foods / Mega-City States / Migration Magnets

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