Dear All

As we pass the halfway point of the Future Agenda project for 2015, we wanted to send a big thank you to everyone who has participated in workshops, acted as hosts and contributed on-line. Since February we have run over 50 events in 21 cities in 19 countries and, due largely to everyone sharing their time and views we have over 400 new insights on the changes in the world over the next decade. Without this input none of this could work so well so, on behalf of the whole project team, many thanks for all the support.

As we continue this week with more events in Australia and India with the aim of completing all 100 by the end of the summer, I thought that you might appreciate a ‘half-way through’ update on progress and insights to date as well as plans for the next couple of months. So, please find below:

  • Some more numbers on engagement to date
  • Links to current insights and some initial cross-topic views
  • An overview of activities for the next two months
  • Plans for overall synthesis and output sharing
  • Ways to stay involved and continue to add your views


Some more numbers on engagement to date

As well as the face-to-face full and half-day workshops, we have also undertaken several dinners and speeches. In total, to date, over 1100 people on all five continents have therefore participated in discussions and another 20000 have heard one of the talks. Events have already taken place across the world from Mendoza, Sydney and Johannesburg in the South to Toronto, Cologne and London in the North. In addition, we have done TV interviews in Kuala Lumpur and Istanbul, over 2300 are following the project on twitter, there has been more than 42000 views of the website and over 33000 people have looked at the insights and initial perspectives on SlideShare from over 170 countries. According to Google, 57% of website visitors are female and over a third are aged between 25 and 34. For the technical minded, 47% of PC visitors are using Chrome and over 70% of mobile visitors are on iPhones or iPads. All in all, a great first-half for us to build on going forward!


Links to current insights and some initial cross-topic views

We have multiple platforms for viewing the project insights and different ones seem to be attracting different levels of attentions. As well as the core website, the two most popular are the slideshare pdfs and all the insights on flickr. These can be accessed via and – on flickr you will see that we have put all insights into albums by topic and also started to cross-fertilise between the common issues. Going forward after each event we will continue to update these and other platforms to help enable wider sharing.

As well as the core updates, we have also started to collate a few cross-topic perspectives on what we have heard so far and these are being shared via talks, additional workshops and blogs. Three examples that may be of interest:

This is a personal view on 40 key insights from the programme to date that was complied to share with journalists –

This is a talk being given next week in Vienna on some of the insights and implications around digital, data and the Internet of things –

And this is a compilation of insights related to the need for broader and different type of collaboration that is the focus of a workshop in Budapest on the 16th June –


An overview of activities for the next two months

Our core priority is to deliver the remaining events so that we have a fuller view of changes as seen around the world. As well as multiple events in India and Australia, we also have additional workshops all confirmed for Johannesburg, Nairobi, Singapore, Manila, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai, London, Budapest, Vienna, Munich, New York, Washington, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley. These are covering all of the original 20 topics plus an additional one – the future of trade – that has just been added into the mix courtesy of our latest host – DMCC from Dubai. You can see all topics and locations on the main website ( and also updated on this pdf –

As well as processing the output from these events and adding to the repertoire on the varied platforms, we will be doing more talks to share some of the emerging perspectives. The first of these is this Friday in Mumbai. We will also be sharing key views with a wide range of media organisations.

One other major activity stems from our partnership with YouGov who are kindly providing access to 100,000 consumers across multiple different countries. Towards the end of July we will be testing some of the pivotal views emerging from all the discussions with these 100,000 people. This will give us great quantitative data and feedback from a wide range of individuals around the world and provide an excellent complement to the largely qualitative discussions. It will be how we test the expert views with the public in a highly effective way.


Plans for overall synthesis and output sharing

After all events and research are completed and insights assembled, we will spend August and September undertaking the overall synthesis of what we have heard. This will focus on identifying the most significant areas of potential change for the next decade, linking these to different underlying shifts taking place in varied regions and supporting them with examples and evidence from the discussions and additional research by both the team and our friends at The Futures Company. The top 50 to 100 insights for 2025 will then form the basis of a new website, an app, new sets of workshop cards and other stimulus plus a new book. All of these are now being planned and we are in the final stages of agreeing partners for this.

Once everything is ready we will share all core outputs in the final quarter of the year. In addition, several of our hosts and partners will be using the materials to create new thought leadership papers, booklets and presentations – most of these will focus on a particular topic (e.g. privacy, energy, payments, trade, collaboration and hospitality) or a particular region. We will update you on these once all are finalised after the summer.


Ways to stay involved and continue to add your views

We would love to continue to hear your views on the 21 topics being discussed and the insights that are being shared. This can be online, in person or direct. As mentioned above the flickr and slideshare sites are the easiest way to see the outputs to date, but if you would like to comment can I suggest four options:

Twitter is proving very popular for quick feedback during and around different events so please follow / share with @futureagenda or #futureagenda

Perhaps the best alternative for the longer term is to join the Future Agenda group on Linked-In through which we can keep everyone interested more frequently updated on progress and also discuss emerging issues of interest –

Not so popular yet (but we are working on making it easier) is adding comments direct on to the main project website on

And finally, building momentum is the Future Agenda facebook page on

If you would like to come to future events, as mentioned above, you can see all topics and locations on the main website and also updated on this pdf –

Do let us know if any of these events are of interest and we can add you to the invite lists.


Finally if you have any comments on the project, how we are sharing the output, the insights or anything else, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Many thanks again for your support in making this second Future Agenda project such a great success. As we progress, we hope you continue to find it a useful source of views on the future to challenge and stimulate new thinking.