We are very pleased to announce that all 20 initial perspectives across the full range of topics are now live on the Future Agenda site. The Future of Food and Future of Cities points of view were added into the mix this week and now join with the other 18 being discussed at events, dinners around the world as well as online. In his view of The Future of Food, Professor Wayne Bryden, the Foundation Chair in Animal Science at the University of Queensland covers a number of key issues. Driven by the increasing global population driving greater demand for food from the same land and water resources, some of the core provocations include the increasing competition for grains, the need for more efficient production and the potential of a second Green Revolution as well as our need to better manage food waste and reinvent diets. In the perspective on The Future of Cities, Harry Rich, Chief Executive of the RIBA also highlights several areas causing challenge around the world. Foremost is the impact of increasing urbanisation on resource consumption,  accommodating climate change, adapting for ageing populations and rethinking design for the circular economy. Additional core points include the role of cities as creative hubs, centres for new technology and so the need for new models and measures to be introduced. Many thanks to Wayne and Harry for their additions and to all our guest authors for producing such a diverse set of views to kick the Future Agenda programme off. Coming soon to slideshare will be a full set of the 20 initial perspectives for download as one booklet.